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Thank you for joining us as a registered business account holder and welcome to our business to business direct sales platform which we have designed specifically with smaller individual businesses in mind. In particular we have identified independent butcher / grocer shops with meat counters as the choice retail outlets for our product placement where there is an automatic link & association with the ground meat products on display in the meat counters.

The benefits from stocking and selling the product to the butcher / grocer shop are two fold as: 
It enables the butcher / grocer to develop an entirely new revenue & profit stream from what is essentially a homewares product that would normally be sold in a homewares / kitchen utensil store 
[2] It also helps to generate continuing additional sales & profits through increased customer re-visits to purchase the fresh ground meat products sold in-store by the butcher.

Market research shows that the product sells itself easily in butcher / grocer shops with meat counters as the customer has increased motivation to purchase the product when it is displayed in proximity to a meat counter along with the added bonus that the butcher is able to demonstrate and explain how the product works directly in front of their enquiring customers

To service this segment of the market with a fast and efficient ordering and delivery system we have developed our B2B web platform so that ordering and stocking the product is a quick, simple and seamless process at all times once you have registered your business account with us.

Orders for the UK and Ireland are dispatched from our UK warehouse where delivery times are 2-3 days for UK Orders and 3-5 days for Ireland.

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