What size are the meatballs

The meatballs are approximately 1 ½ inch [40mm] wide which is similar in size to a golf ball. The meatballs weigh approximately 1 ounce [28.35g] each and to make a tray of 16 meatballs you will need 1lb / 500g of ground / minced meat.

Do you have to fill the mold and make 16 meatballs every time

No you don’t. The mold does not need to be filled every time. You can simply fill the number of chambers for how many meatballs you require and follow the same simple instructions to make your meatballs

Is the MAX fill line just a guideline to use when filling the mold

Yes, it is only a guideline to give you an idea of how much food mix you should use when preparing your meatballs. As every food mix is different in its density you can test fill one chamber and make a single meatball to best guage how much of your food mix to use in relation to the MAX guideline. NB. It can sometimes require a little more filling to be used so you get a nice rounded top to your meatballs.

What is the best way to fill the meatball mixture into the mold

Fill each chamber by working the food mix down into it using the tops of your fingers. This helps to eliminate trapped air from the food mix, making it easier to compress the meatballs while giving them a much smoother and rounded finish

Can I make Stuffed Meatballs with the product

Yes you can and it is real easy to do. Once you have filled your food mix simply jab your finger in the centre of the filled chambers and insert your stuffing. Then close over the top of the openings with your food mix and compress and tap out your meatballs as instructed. You can watch a “Stuffed Meatballs” demonstration video in our How-To Video section.

How do I use the Stacking Storage Trays correctly

Always use the clear plastic lid tray as the first / bottom tray in your stack. You can then fill the red tray[s] as required and continue stacking them on top of the lid tray as you build your stack. Because the design of the storage trays allows them to sit into each other for compact storage when not in use you will notice that as you stack them on top of each other the handles of every second tray will be at 90⁰ to the one below it.

What is the best way to clean the product.

The product should be rinsed in the sink and then placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. If the product is not completely dry after your wash cycle finishes you can place a tea towel around the product and give it a good shake which will throw off any moisture drops into the towel.

Can you freeze the meatballs

Yes you can. Leave the meatballs on the tray[s] and slip a zip lock freezer bag over the tray of meatballs and seal. Place in the freezer for 1 hour so the meatballs freeze in their perfect shapes. Remove the meatballs from the freezer and run hot water over the back of the tray for a minute while it is still sealed in the bag. This will free the meatballs from the tray. Then you can open the bag and remove the tray before re-sealing the bag and returning the meatballs to the freezer while freeing up your tray to use agai.

Can you use the product in a regular conventional oven to cook the meatballs

No. The product is not designed for use in conventional ovens or contact with hot surfaces but it is microwave safe and so it can be used in a microwave.

How do I get the meatballs out of the container when they seem stuck or too sticky & soft to tap them out as you have shown in the demonstration video

If your food mix is a very gluey soft sticky mixture you can try placing the container of meatballs back in the fridge for 30 minutes so they become a little more solid and then try shaking and tapping them out again as per the instructions. If that does not work because your food mixture is still too soft you can ease the meatballs out of the container into the lid using a small spoon.

Why are the meatballs sticking to the red mold when I lift it away after compressing the meatballs.

There are two possible reasons for this to happen. The first is that if the excess food mixture at the vent holes on the top of the red mold is not properly cleaned off using a small spoon before removing the mold the meatballs can stay bound to the excess food mixture and lift away with it. The second is that the red mold should always be very gently eased off the compressed meatballs to break the air lock caused during the compression and then the meatballs will not stick to the red mold as you lift it away.

How do you cook meatballs

You can cook meatballs several ways depending on the recipe you are using but the most popular methods would be in the oven, under the grill, on the BBQ or in the pot with the meatball sauce.

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